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Atkinson Home Hardware Building Centres in Kingston & Hartington want to assist you in building your dream home, cottage or garage project. We have a group of professionals that can design your project one on one in #3D design making the changes you want with advise every step of the way. We have a great selection of quality flooring, kitchens & bathroom in our showroom to see what finishes you want to have in your new home or cottage with installation if required. We can obtain your building permits and be with you throughout your build. We are here to help you with your dream home, cottage or garage project. Contact Tony Blackett to make your first step towards building your dream project.

About Tony
Tony Blackett is the manager of design and estimating at Atkinson Beaver Homes & Cottages and has been working as an Architectural designer since leaving school in the North east of England. He is very experienced with all elements of design, materials and construction techniques. He will give you professional advice and guidance as well as payment options and potential contractors you can use in building your new home or cottage.